Research: bots publish half of coronavirus false tweets

Scientists from the United States have discovered that bots publish half of the false coronavirus tweets. Most often, these are conspiracy theories that are associated with a pandemic.

Almost half of Coronavirus’s Twitter posts are fake bot messages. This was stated by scientists from Carnegie Mellon University, they analyzed more than 200 million tweets about coronavirus. More than 45% of them turned out to be automatic.

They were unable to determine exactly who is managing these accounts. However, their report states that tweets are aimed at “sharing people’s opinions about the pandemic.” Publications including found an AI-based tool that detects accounts with similar descriptions, lexical turns or constantly changing geolocation.

Among the tweets were publications that the authorities exaggerated the number of infected people, and that “hospitals are filled with mannequins.” Some accounts have linked the spread of the virus to 5G towers.

“We found that the activity of bots is twice as high as during natural disasters, crises, or elections,” said lead author of the study, Kathleen Carly, professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon. “When we see thousands of tweets with the same theme, it’s obvious that these accounts are managed centrally.”

Evening Standard requested a comment on Twitter, but the company did not respond to the request. Earlier, employees of the social network said that they found 1.5 million accounts that spread false news about the coronavirus.