Research: black holes can form from dark matter

An international team of scientists has put forward the theory of the appearance of supermassive black holes from dark matter. This may explain how they evolved before galaxies.

In a new theoretical study, scientists have proposed a mechanism for the emergence of supermassive black holes from dark matter. An international team has discovered that they can emerge from dark matter in high-density regions in the centers of galaxies. These data are key to studying the early universe.

The scientists added that the formation of supermassive black holes is one of the biggest challenges in studying the evolution of galaxies. Black holes could be observed as early as 800 million years after the Big Bang, but how they could grow so quickly remains a mystery.

Standard models for their formation include familiar baryonic matter – the atoms and elements that make up stars, planets and all visible objects – collapsing under the influence of gravity to form black holes, which then grow over time. However, the new work explores the potential existence of stable galactic dark matter nuclei surrounded by a dilute dark matter halo. Scientists speculate that these structures could be so concentrated that they could turn into supermassive black holes.

According to the new model, this could have happened much faster than other proposed educational mechanisms. In this case, supermassive black holes in the early universe could have formed before galaxies.

“The new scenario for their formation may provide an explanation for how supermassive black holes formed in the early Universe, without the formation of stars,” the scientists noted.

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