Republicans will file a lawsuit against Pelosi for changing the voting rules in the House of Representatives

The change proposed by the Democrats will allow congress members to vote remotely, observing the rules of social distance.

Republican lawmakers who are part of the House of Representatives are going to sue house speaker Nancy Pelosi. The lawsuit will be filed against Pelosi over changes to house voting rules that allowed lawmakers to vote on each other’s behalf during the coronavirus pandemic. Representatives of the Republican Party reported.

The lawsuit, which will be filed in Federal court in Washington, is an attempt to block a new voting system approved recently by the House Democratic majority. Democrats explain the innovations by their desire to introduce the principles of social distance in the work of the House of Representatives. Republicans, in turn, argue that changing the voting rules is unconstitutional.

Rules passed earlier this month as part of a $ 3 trillion economic aid bill – still pending Senate approval-will allow congressmen outside of Washington to vote remotely with the help of their party colleagues.
Pelosi denounced the lawsuit in a statement, calling it a “sad stunt” by Republicans.

Author: Steve Cowan
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