Republicans set to call Hunter Biden to impeachment hearing

Also, according to the channel, invited his business partner Devon Archer and an employee of the American intelligence services, whose name was not disclosed.

NEW YORK – Republicans in the US House of Representatives intend to invite Hunter Biden-the son of former Vice President Joseph Biden – to speak at hearings on the impeachment of American leader Donald Trump. On Saturday, Fox News reported.

Reporters read the letter, which the senior Republican on the special Committee on intelligence of the House of Representatives Devin Nunes sent to the Chairman of this body Democrat Adam Schiff. The message includes a list of people to whom Republicans would like to ask questions at the hearing. They include Hunter Biden, his business partner Devon Archer, and a US intelligence official whose name has not been disclosed. The complaint of the latter regarding the telephone conversation held in July with Trump’s Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky became the reason for the beginning of the impeachment procedure of the head of the White House.

Nunes ‘ letter says Biden and Archer should be told about their ties to the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, of which they were on the Board. In addition, Republicans intend to invite former political consultant of the Democratic National Committee Alexandra Chalupa to the hearing. She allegedly collected compromising material relating to trump during the 2016 election campaign.

The channel states that it is not yet clear whether the Democrats will agree to call all of these persons to the hearing. Nunes, in the letter, stresses that failure to do so would be evidence of Democrats ‘ unwillingness to conduct proceedings objectively and based on existing rules.

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