Republicans in the US Senate again blocked a vote to increase payments to citizens

It was about increasing them from $600 to $2 thousand.

The head of the Republican majority in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell, on Wednesday again blocked the Democrats ‘ proposal to vote on increasing direct payments to citizens as part of measures to stimulate the national economy in the face of a pandemic from $600 to $2 thousand. The meeting was broadcast on the website of the upper house of the American legislature.

“The Senate will not separate the three issues that the President [Donald] Trump has tied together, simply because Democrats are afraid to consider two of them,” McConnell said. On Tuesday, he introduced his own initiative in the Senate, which suggests that the issue of increasing payments will be considered along with an initiative to terminate or seriously reform section 230 of the Communications Ethics Act of 1996, which protects technology companies from lawsuits for posting, deleting or otherwise modifying user content. The same package should also consider the creation of a special commission to investigate violations in the country’s presidential elections.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump insisted on considering all three issues. At the same time, Democrats in the Senate refuse to discuss any of this, except for increasing payments.

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