Republican senators called for recognizing the Taliban as a foreign terrorist organization

Senator Marco Rubio and his colleagues presented the corresponding bill.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio and his colleagues Tommy Tuberville, Shelly Moore Capito, Dan Sullivan, Thom Tillis, and Cynthia Lummis presented a bill on preventing the recognition of terrorist states, which instructs the Secretary of State to recognize the Taliban as a terrorist organization. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan proclaimed by the movement as a state sponsor of terrorism.

The bill also provides for sanctions against foreign citizens who knowingly assist the Taliban. In addition, the authors of the document want the State Department to submit a report within six months on whether the Taliban should be declared a drug trafficking organization.

Rubio is the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and the vice-chairman of the Intelligence Committee.

“There is no doubt that Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban poses a direct threat to the interests of our national security, as well as to the interests of our allies and partners both in the Middle East and Central Asia, “Rubio said, adding that after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the country becomes “a haven for terrorists who hate America.”

“Unfortunately, there is no reason to believe that President Biden will treat the Taliban as terrorists,” the senator believes. “Congress must take action to cope with this new reality and keep Americans safe.”

Tuberville said that Congress should take measures “so that the United States does not legitimize the Taliban and treats it as a radical terrorist organization.”
“We have seen what this radical terrorist group is capable of,” Capito said, referring to the Taliban. “They are not only complicit in the commission of terrorist acts, but also continue to violate human rights, especially women and young children.”

“The fact that the White House is even considering assisting the Taliban is shocking,” Tillis stressed. “This bill will prevent this by ensuring that the Taliban is recognized as a terrorist organization.”

“We should call the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan what it is: a state that sponsors terror and is run by a terrorist organization,” Lummis said.
The Department of State earlier stressed that the United States is closely monitoring the development of the situation in Afghanistan and will judge the Taliban by its actions.

The White House said last week that the Taliban “did not deserve” to be treated as a respected member of the international community.

“No one in the current administration – neither the president nor the members of the national security team – considers the Taliban a respected and significant member of the world community. They have done nothing to deserve this, and we have never given such an assessment, ” said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

She added that the United States did not recognize the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan.

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