Republican Mitt Romney will vote to impeach President Trump

Romney became the first Republican Senator to oppose the party’s line on impeachment.

Republican Senator MITT Romney on Wednesday said that he would vote to condemn President Donald Trump on both articles of impeachment during the final vote in the Senate, thus opposing his party. Romney is the first Republican to support the Democrats ‘ proposal to remove the President from power. The Senator said this in an interview with the New York Times.

“I believe that the attempt to distort the elections to retain power is the most egregious violation of the Constitution that can be committed… And so this is a serious crime and misdemeanor, and I have no choice but to come to this conclusion by the oath I took,” Romney said in an interview with the publication.

Romney, who is a moderate Republican, supported the requirement to call witnesses to the Senate hearing. The Republican majority blocked this requirement.

Today, Senator Doug Jones of Alabama, who has the best chance among Democrats of losing a seat in the Senate in the next election, spoke in support of impeachment.

Speaking to senators, Jones said the evidence gathered demonstrates “a President who has abused… his power for personal purposes, a President who put his interests above the interests of the country.”

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