Reporters revealed the details of the biggest spat between Prince William and Kate Middleton

Journalists revealed the details of the largest spat between the Dukes of Cambridge. The relationship between William and Kate was not always ideal: the prince was repeatedly suspected of treason, and Middleton preferred to remain silent. In 2007, Kate and William had to go through a breakup at all. William dialed his lover’s number to drop her on the phone.

Kate’s colleagues then noticed that she looked overwhelmed.

“Around the middle of the day, I saw her walking in the parking lot near the office and talking on the phone. Many have noticed this because it is a rather unusual act for Kate. She deliberately went outside to answer the call, because she did not want to be overheard. Kate walked up and down and looked upset, as if she were fighting, but she didn’t cry. Later we found out that William called her and they had problems,” an insider told the Daily Mail.

Later, a colleague Keith remembered that then Middleton never returned to work.

“When Kate returned to the office, she said nothing, packed her things and disappeared until the end of the day – since then she has not returned to work. When someone asked where she was, we were told that Middleton was sick, but in the human resources department she was not marked as sick. We didn’t think about it at the time, but looking back, I’m sure that at that moment William dropped her on the phone,” he recalled.

Now Kate and William are setting an example of an ideal family to the whole world. Middleton tries to support her husband in any endeavors, and William learns from his wife the skills of correct communication.

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