Relatives raped a five-year-old girl in front of a three-year-old brother

Two relatives raped a six-year-old girl in the Indian city of Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh state) in front of her three-year-old brother, The Times Now portal reports.

Reportedly, the victim herself told all the mother when she drew attention to the strange behaviour. As it turned out, the girl hid the incident for about a week, as her relatives intimidated her.

It turned out that the uncle on the mother’s side had brought the children to their relatives’ house to give them samosas, a traditional meal allegedly. Their own grandfather was already there. The men locked themselves in one of the rooms and, in front of the little brother, took turns raping his six-year-old sister. Then they gave the girl 20 rupees (about 20 rubles) so that she would not tell anyone about what had happened. After that, they really bought samosas for the children and took them home.

The victim’s mother reported to the police. Currently, the girl’s 48-year-old grandfather and a 20-year-old relative are detained and are in custody.

In the fall of 2020, it was reported that in the Indian city of Shahjahanpur, a father and son strangled and beheaded a 16-year-old girl who became pregnant after being raped.

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