Relatives kept a Filipina with depression in a cage for five years

In the Philippines, relatives kept a girl with psychotic depression in a cage for five years because they did not have the money to treat her, Daily Mail reports.

It is reported that the girl worked in a local store and dreamed of becoming a model. However, in 2014, psychiatrists diagnosed her and sent her to a private clinic for treatment. Bebe, 29,’s condition improved, and she was allowed to go home. Soon her father fell ill, and the family had no money to buy medicine for the girl.

A family friend said that the woman was locked in houses for her own safety at first: Bebe sometimes became cruel and could hurt herself, and sometimes she left the house and rode the bus. She once left for a neighbouring province, and the family found her only a week later, after calling the local police.

As a result, Bebe’s relatives built a small cage inside the house, where they settled the girl. “She chews on her dress until it rips to shreds, so they put bags on her because she doesn’t like to eat them,” a family friend explained.

Earlier, a 61-year-old resident of the Altai Territory tortured her seven-year-old grandson, tied him hand and foot and locked him in the cellar.

Author: Sam Smith
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