Reebok introduces the concept of a sports mask with moss for air purification

Reebok introduced the concept of several face masks in which you can play sports during a pandemic or for training in polluted air. About this writes FC with reference to the head of the innovation laboratory Reebok in Europe, Don Albert.

Masks on the streets in many Asian countries are worn not only during the coronavirus pandemic but also during normal times due to polluted air.

Reebok made three prototypes of masks that can protect against dangerous particles in the air. In addition, they can notify the owner of the mask about the level of oxygen in the blood and other indicators.

The first concept of the mask is a touch device that does not hide the face due to the fact that it is made of transparent material. The company plans to equip this model with sensors to track heart rate and respiratory rate, the data from which will be sent to the mobile application.

Reebok mask water

The second Reebok mask is made for diving underwater and consists of a transparent screen on the whole face, a hood, and a respirator. In this case, the sensors are distributed over the entire surface of the face and head, and through the application you can adjust various conditions inside the mask – from temperature to oxygen level.

reebok green mask

The third mask includes organic matter in a respirator that algae or moss can perform. They will purify the air, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and additionally release oxygen. Such a mask can filter many dangerous particles, including some viruses.