Redmi Note 8 survived and continued to work after falling from the 8th floor

One of the owners of Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 in China shared an interesting story that happened with his smartphone.

According to the user, he accidentally dropped the gadget from the 8th floor of the building. Apparently, the fall for the smartphone was not enough, so after that it also bounced into the pool.

Its owner decided to check the state of Redmi Note 8. Of course, it doesn’t look very good: the screen is covered with cracks, the back panel is sealed with tape, the body is bent, and water has entered the camera. But at the same time, the smartphone continues to work: the touchscreen responds to touch, the battery is being charged.

This story became known to the head of Xiaomi Lei Jun, who once again pointed to the high quality level of Redmi Note 8.

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