Recreated view of Dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park. It turned out he was much scarier

Paleontologists from the United States have recreated the appearance of Dilophosaurus. It turned out that its appearance is very different from the prototype, which was shown in the movie “Jurassic Park”. A small carnivorous dinosaur is at least significantly larger.

The appearance of the dinosaurs featured in the famous film is largely based on reconstructions and assumptions of paleontologists. But not in the case of Dilophosaurus. This dinosaur for the production designers was short, only 1.2 meters high, with a leather hood around the neck that opened and vibrated like a lizard.

Thirty years later, scientists have discovered more specimens of this dinosaur species during this time. In addition, the researchers were able to analyze the samples already at their disposal in more detail and accurately.

As a result, the data showed that the growth of the real Dilophosaurus was at least six to seven meters in length. This is twice as much as the audience was shown in the movies. Also, a real Dilophosaurus could boast of two parallel ridges of bones at the top of a very frightening look. Scientists came to this conclusion by examining several features of the skull and identified strong ridges for the attachment of muscles in the bones of the lower jaw of the animal. It is worth noting that the limbs of the diflosaurus were an order of magnitude longer and stronger than those of other carnivorous dinosaurs of that time.

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