Record warm winter recorded in Europe

Scientists at the Copernicus Climate Change Service said winter 2019–2020 was the warmest in Europe. From early December to late February, the average temperature was 3.4 degrees above normal.

“Compared to previous winters, this one was unusually warm”, said Carlo Buontempo, director of Copernicus. “We see this trend year after year, but it is really a very mild winter for Europe”.

Copernicus service data begins in 1855. After studying them, the researchers also came to the conclusion that seasonal temperatures are often subject to strong fluctuations from year to year.

“The winter years 1924-25 were just as warm, a couple of degrees higher than normal temperature for that time. Thus, the temperature may be a couple of degrees higher than normal, but this should not become an ongoing trend”, Copernicus said.

Non-seasonal heat led to a poor harvest of wine in Germany and a small amount of snow in several ski resorts in France.

“The climate affects almost all of our activities, but when you see these anomalies, you really understand what this means. The incredibly warm winter in Russia and Finland and in parts of Northern Europe affects many aspects of the life of these countries”, said Buontempo.

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