Record cold and heavy snowfall hit the US

Since Friday, November 6, Cold fronts brought record-breaking cold and heavy snowfall to the US state of California after months of hot weather and wildfires.

Records for one-day snowfall were also broken in several areas of Nevada, according to the Watchers.

In California, the Sierra at Tahoe ski resort received 46 cm of snow over the weekend. Daytime temperatures in the region dropped to +10 °C, and warnings were issued for freezing temperatures at night in some areas.

On Monday, November 9, the temperature at Auckland airport fell to +3.3 °C, breaking the record of cold at +5 °C, set in 2009. In Gilroy, the thermometer dropped to -0.5 °C, breaking the previous record of 1.1 °C in 1986.

Parts of southern California also experienced low temperatures after months of hot weather and wildfires.

The national weather service (NWS) warned that freezing temperatures in the region could kill crops and other sensitive vegetation and even damage an unprotected outdoor water system.

In Nevada’s neighboring state, there were record snowfalls, in particular, in the areas of Reno, Carson City, and Yerington. In most of the region, about 13 cm of snow was recorded, which is considered a historical indicator for this time. Usually, the first snowfall is observed in mid-November, and they are not so heavy.

In Reno, this snow amount before November 8 was observed only twice in 130 years of observations.

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