Rebel Wilson said that her boyfriend fell in love with her before losing weight

Rebel Wilson fulfilled her main goal this year: she lost weight up to 75 kg, dropping several tens of kilos of excess weight. The actress told how she succeeded: she switched to a high-protein diet, began to exercise and, most importantly, reconsidered her attitude towards herself.

Rebel says that she had no goal of gaining an ideal figure: “I don’t care about numbers as much as my health. I was leading a wrong lifestyle and wanted to change that, to become healthier. “

Wilson talked to her fans live on Instagram, where she touched on the topic of completeness and relationships with men. Recall that Rebel is in a relationship with the young billionaire Jacob Bush.

“Some people ask me: ‘Is this hot beauties your boyfriend?’ Yes exactly. He is not a public person, so I will not talk much about him. But I will note that we started dating even before I decided to take care of my health and lose weight. So make a conclusion, girls, you don’t have to be a certain size to find a guy, ”Wilson told fans.

The Jacob family founded the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, which produces America’s most popular Budweiser beer. In 2016, Forbes ranked his family as the 16th richest family in the United States. Jacob is 11 years younger than Rebel, but this does not interfere with their relationship moreover before Rebel Bush met with 59-year-old actress Adrienne Maloof.

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