Rear Admiral of the US Navy is on a visit to Taiwan

The Pentagon does not comment.

Navy Admiral who oversees US military intelligence in the Asia-Pacific region has arrived on an unannounced visit to Taiwan; two sources told Reuters on Sunday.

A high-level visit may displease China.

The sources, one of whom is a Taiwanese official familiar with the situation, said on condition of anonymity that they were referring to Rear Admiral Michael Studeman.

The Navy’s website States that Studeman is the Director of the J2 service, which oversees intelligence in the US armed forces’ Indo-Pacific Command.

When asked if Studeman is actually in Taiwan, the Pentagon declined to comment.

China considers Taiwan (where recall there is a democratic form of government) part of its territory.

The Trump administration has stepped up support for Taiwan; it’s about new arms sales and high-level visits.

Author: Steve Cowan
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