Ray Fisher said Ben Affleck’s Flashpoint appearance was a publicity stunt

Ray Fisher continues to argue that the only important job for Warner Bros. is a fight with Ray Fisher. After Jason Momoa, who supported him, remembered that he was announced as the performer of the role of Frosty the Snowman on the day of Fisher’s new accusations, Fisher recalled another such moment:

Unfortunately, the fake news about Frosty the Snowman with Jason is not the only case of PR technology used to distract attention from the seriousness of the Justice League situation. Ben Affleck returning to his role as Batman was clearly going to be DC Fandome news. Why did the news come earlier? I’ll give you one guess.

Then the actor posted screenshots of the news about Affleck and his post on Twitter about the toxic atmosphere on the set of Justice League. Fischer highlighted the posting dates so that everyone would notice that his post was posted an hour earlier. But just an hour before the news on one of the sites. In general, information about Ben Affleck appeared before Fisher’s post.

And the coincidence of the publication dates of news from Warner Bros. with Fischer’s posts, he cannot confirm the actor’s statements about unprofessionalism and attempts to hide the facts of its manifestation. There is nothing illegal in trying to drown out negative PR with positive news.

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