Raspberry Pi made a tiny $5 fan to cool a miniature computer

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released some interesting products this year. The latest invention is a $5 fan and heatsink kit. It will keep the Raspberry Pi 4 computer cool, even during heavy loads.

The official Raspberry Pi fan model has a convenient attachment to the existing “official” Raspberry Pi 4 case and a special heatsink perfect for a miniature computer processor.

The idea of ​​creating an additional fan for miniature computers for the Raspberry Pi speaks of the growing power and performance of processors that require additional cooling. For example, the updated Raspberry Pi 4 released earlier this year, with a full 8GB of RAM, already matches a regular Windows and Apple laptop, despite its size. The Raspberry Pi is increasingly becoming a “real” computer, and the new fan module proves it.

The Raspberry Pi 4 case fan, as the name suggests, is only compatible with the “official” Raspberry Pi 4 case. It can be purchased for $ 5 at various approved retail stores linked on the company’s website.

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