Rapper Lil Nas X to release 666 pairs of shoes with human blood

Rapper Lil Nas X has announced that he will be releasing 666 pairs of sneakers with human blood shortly. The release was the continuation of a series of scandals involving the singer.

So, the upcoming model is called Satan Shoes, which translates as “Satanic shoes”. Their base is Nike Air Max 97 in black. A metal sign of Satan in a circle will be fixed on the laces of the sneakers. On the side, you can see the inscription LUKE 10:18, referring to the Holy Scriptures. The blood, according to the creators, will be used in an air bubble in the sole, and, according to The New York Times, six employees of the creative company MSCHF donated it. It was this company that created unusual shoes with the rapper.

Sales are scheduled for March 29, with each pair costing $ 1,018. Nike has already announced that they have nothing to do with the upcoming release and noted that they “do not approve” the sneaker. On the other hand, the musician faced a wave of criticism: public figures propose to ban “dubious” shoes.

Satan Shoes was a continuation of the musician’s scandalous video for the song Montero, in which the performer dances on the lap of Satan. The clip has also been criticized for being too “ambiguous” in content. Although the video was created in support of the LGBT community, the musician was accused of suggesting renouncing religion favouring worshipping Satan.

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