Raising the minimum wage and the state of emergency. Macron appealed to the French

The President of France Emmanuel Macron turned on TV to the nation. He condemned the violence during the actions of “yellow vests” and announced the measures that he intends to take to calm citizens. He declared a state of emergency in the economy and social policy of the country and promised to raise the minimum wage, as well as to reduce some taxes. The appeal was broadcast by Euronews.

Raising the minimum wage and the state of emergency. Macron appealed to the French

— We all saw attempts to destabilize the Republic. No anger does not justify the attack on the police and other people,- said Macron.
The President noted that we should not forget that these protests grew out of anger, outrage, which is shared by many French.

– I don’t want to minimize this anger and reduce it to violations of a public order. This anger is deep. I understand he’s being fair. We have a chance today. I understand the outrage of families who work all day, and they lack the life, the anger of a mother who can’t provide for all the needs of her children. I understand how much courage it takes to get through this. And retirees who have a lifetime invested in retirement savings, and are in a difficult position. I understand the frustration of all these people. You might get the impression that we were acting like we forgot about them. But these are not today’s problems, these are the problems of 40 years ago, which have become overgrown like a snowball.

The President believes that “this is a disease of a democratic society, a disease before changes”: “Now we are faced with this face to face.”
According to Macron, there is no doubt that the authorities have not given an answer to this anger.

– I take some responsibility for that. I want to be sincere and direct. If I tried to shake the current system, because I believe in the future of our country most of all. And my legitimacy allows it. That legitimacy you gave me. Many countries are going through difficult times today. I believe that together we can find a way out. I believe in the French people, we should be United by friendship.

Raising the minimum wage and the state of emergency. Macron appealed to the French

The President mentioned that he joined the election campaign on the threshold of the crisis and did not forget about his promises.

– I want to declare a state of emergency of our economy and politics. Our children deserve the best schools and universities. The first contribution of our nation must be to the education of our children, so that the French can live with dignity.

The increase of the minimal wage and taxes

Then the President announced specific steps – the minimum wage will be raised by 100 euros.

The President also called on employers to pay an annual bonus to their employees. In addition, there was a promise to reduce the social security tax for pensioners receiving less than two thousand euros.

On December 11, the Prime Minister should present the full list of planned measures. The President also intends to convene an emergency meeting of the government to discuss including the property tax.

– I must say, when the rich leave the country, it weakens. Need to understand this. We need to create new jobs. If you take a step back, the country will weaken. The state and the government must go further. French business owners must pay taxes in France.

The President said that the country wants to establish a better distribution of income. The goal is to transform the country within 18 months.

— We need to revise our pensions, the distribution of income should be more equitable. The national debate should be as broad as possible, affecting all segments of the population. We have to produce than to distribute, we have to learn to become free citizens, we have to unite to solve all issues. I want to establish a balance in our tax system, these issues affect our daily lives, including environmental problems.


The President said that it is also necessary to solve the problem of migration. These problems, according to the President, require an unprecedented debate involving the whole nation.

– I promise that I will coordinate all these efforts, but such debates should take place everywhere, all citizens of the country should speak, including the mayors of the cities.

– We can’t live as before, as it often happened in the past. We can’t pretend like nothing happened.

The President said that the country is on the threshold of a historic moment. The President believes that the country will succeed and promises to report to the citizens on the work done.

– My only concern is you, my only fight it for you, our only battle it is of France, — finished his speech Macron.

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