Radishes were grown in space for the first time

A NASA astronaut has grown radishes in microgravity. The vegetable can now be used during long flights to the Moon and Mars.

NASA astronaut Keith Rubins collected the radishes she grew in space. The researcher noted that this will help in the future to produce food in microgravity, especially during long-term space flights to the Moon and Mars.

The radishes were grown in an expanded plant habitat aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The crop was harvested 27 days after planting.

Rubins collected twenty radishes, wrapped them in foil, and placed them in the refrigerator. As noted in NASA, they will be sent to Earth as part of SpaceX’s 22nd commercial mission.

Radish has become another type of fresh food that can be grown in microgravity. The researchers chose it for the Plant Habitat-02 (PH-02) experiment because the vegetable is well simple and matures in about a month.

In addition, radishes are a viable test plant for future long-term missions as they are edible and nutritious. As noted at NASA, the vegetable is genetically similar to the rezukovidka – a small flowering plant that has often been studied in microgravity.

“Radishes are another type of crop that astronauts have not yet grown in space. Growing different crops helps us determine which plants survive in microgravity and offer the best variety and nutritional balance for astronauts on long missions, ”NASA said.

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