Rachel McAdams is expecting her second child

Not so long ago, thanks to the paparazzi, rumors about Natalie Portman’s new pregnancy leaked to the press – photographers caught the actress for a walk and drew attention to her rounded belly.

Now the same fate befell 41-year-old Rachel McAdams, who went for a walk with her grown-up son, whom she gave birth to in April 2018 from the producer and screenwriter Jamie Linden.

The actress herself has not yet commented on the information – she is generally distinguished by secrecy as regards her personal life. So, for example, she still has not confessed to reporters what her son’s name is.

This spring, while attending an online charity event in the midst of quarantine, the actress spoke about her motherhood for the first time in a long time.

I don’t get bored, because I have a great distraction – my two-year-old son. I do it almost all the time. Sometimes I wonder if it is better to be quarantined alone or with my family. Of course, there are days when you get tired, but I would be so bored without him. He is very funny,

– Rachel shared.

Author: Sam Smith
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