Queen Elizabeth will no longer tolerate Prince Harry’s antics

Recently, Prince Harry made another hysterical scandal and now threatens the BBC channel with a court. The thing is that the Duke of Sussex wanted to look like a “big boy” in the eyes of the public.

The BBC spread the news that Harry asked Elizabeth II for permission to name his daughter Lilibet. According to journalists, the Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle contacted the Queen via video link for this.

But Harry denies everything and convinces that he does not need the approval of his grandmother in order to choose a name for his daughter. But Buckingham Palace thinks differently.

An anonymous source for The Sun reported that there was a video call. Moreover, Elizabeth II is furious at the statements of her grandson.

“The Queen will no longer leave lies without objection. She is tired of the statements of Prince Harry, she will cease to tolerate his antics,”- said the insider.

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4 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth will no longer tolerate Prince Harry’s antics”

  1. Harry and Meghan need to wake up and smell the roses. They both need to fade quietly into the background. What they do or don’t do has no affect on my life. They need to get over themselves. The sooner, the better, for all concerned.

  2. They wanted to get away from news media and all they do is feed it with lies.
    Harry take kids and go home.
    You married a sick women.

  3. Harry and Meghan need to stop their publicity grab. They are so uncool, nobody in US wants them here and just why do they think anyone wants to constantly be subjected to their poor behavior! WHO CARES!!!!!! Leave the US!!!!! You are disrespectful to the Royal Family, and quit whining about poor pitiful you!!!! Both of you are disgusting!!!!!


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