Queen Elizabeth II may leave the British throne for her 95th birthday

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II could leave the throne and hand it over to her son Charles in the next year and a half. About it writes The Sun with reference to informed sources.

It is planned that the Queen will leave the British throne for her 95th birthday, which will come in 18 months. Sources say that she has already begun to transfer informally her powers to her son.

This can be seen by the fact that Charles, not her, attends more and more events. Although the Queen still holds some receptions, she has reduced their volume, staying more often at Windsor castle. According to the publication, in 2018 she attended 282 events, and in 2016 — 332, and Charles visited-507.

“Plans to make Charles king have been going on for some time. The transition is already underway,” the source said.

However, there has been no official announcement of the transfer of the throne.

It is worth noting that Elizabeth II has been Queen of Britain since 1952.

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