Queen Elizabeth II may abdicate the throne in favor of Prince Charles in 2021

Prince Charles may have a new role next year: he will finally become king. According to renowned royal biographer Robert Jobson, who is one of the leading commentators at Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II may soon relinquish the throne in favor of her eldest son, the Prince of Wales.

“I still firmly believe that when the Queen turns 95, she will retire,” said Robert, speaking on True Royalty TV.

Jack Royston, another royal reporter for Newsweek, added that he doesn’t want this, but that the moment is really approaching due to age.

Rumors about the abdication of Elizabeth II from the throne and the transfer of the crown to Charles have been circulating for several years. According to another version, the queen could make him the prince regent, which means that he will intervene if his 95-year-old mother becomes incapacitated.

Royal journalist Phil Dampier, on the other hand, believes that the queen will never give up the throne, as she is in excellent health. He claims that earlier Elizabeth II told her friends that she wanted to live to be 100, like her mother.

The last monarch to abdicate in favor of his eldest child was Juan Carlos I of Spain.

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