Quarantine has improved air quality in China. It saved thousands of people from death

Quarantine improved air quality in China, it saved thousands of people from death. Researchers note that the same effects of isolation could be in European countries and the United States.

A new study by the Yale School of Public Health, published in Lancet Planetary Health magazine, found that banning travel throughout China from February 10 to March 14 significantly reduced traffic and reduced emissions in the country.

Improving air quality, in turn, prevented thousands of pollution-related deaths. Premature death was avoided due to cleaner air – according to experts, at the beginning of May this helped save about 4,633 citizens.

“This is an amazing result. The pandemic continues to be a terrible thing for China and the rest of the world, but the reduction in emissions that accompanied it has positive health outcomes, ”said Kai Chen, associate professor at Yale School of Public Health. “The only question is whether we can maintain this trend without a pandemic”.

These results cannot be applied to other countries due to varying degrees of prevalence and response to coronavirus in other countries. However, a decrease in air pollution was found in other Asian, European countries and the United States. Chen notes that reducing pollution has probably brought similar health benefits to citizens.

The study found that air pollution levels declined markedly throughout China. For example, nitrogen dioxide emissions were reduced by 37%, fine particles – by 30% in 367 Chinese cities. Some of the declines were so sharp that they could be detected using satellite measurements.