Qatar Airways requires Face Shields for every economy-class passenger

Qatar Airways has made it mandatory for economy-class passengers to wear a protective face shield on board the aircraft in addition to a mask to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading during flight.

The new requirement applies to adults and children from 2 years old. Protective equipment can only be removed during meals. Business-class passengers will be able to wear safety screens at will. The airline explained this policy by the fact that in the business class cabin there is more space between people.

Qatar Airways will provide one-time safety screens for free. This will occur during check-in for departure from Doha and at the gates at other airports. Screens come in two sizes – for children and adults. Additionally, onboard, each passenger receives a travel kit, which includes a surgical mask, large disposable gloves, an alcohol-based hand gel.

Qatar Airways recalled that they regularly disinfect aircraft and that blankets, pillows, headphones, and other items are processed after each flight.

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