Pyongyang announced the termination of negotiations with the United States on nuclear disarmament

The working-level talks in the Stockholm suburb were the first official meeting of representatives of the two countries since February this year.
Working talks on nuclear disarmament between the US and North Korea, which began on Saturday in Sweden, suddenly broke down without reaching any agreements. The head of the North Korean delegation stated.

“The talks did not meet our expectations and, in the end, were interrupted,” Kim Myung – Gil, head of the DPRK delegation, told reporters.

The US and North Korean officials resumed talks on nuclear disarmament Saturday morning near Stockholm.

In June, President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un agreed to resume talks that were frozen in February this year after the unsuccessful conclusion of the summit of the two leaders in Vietnam. The breakdown of the talks was due to disagreements over the lifting of sanctions against the North Korean regime.

The talks began on the island of Lidingo, where on Saturday morning arrived the US delegation, headed by US special envoy for North Korea Stephen Bigan, and the DPRK delegation headed by Kim Myung-Gil.

The North Korean delegation arrived in Sweden on Thursday, after Pyongyang unexpectedly announced that working talks would resume on October 5.
Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, who is on a visit to Greece, Saturday expressed hope for progress and said that US representatives arrived in Stockholm “with some ideas” about the possibility of disarming Pyongyang.

At the moment, it is not known whether either side has softened its position, but recent events suggest that the negotiators are willing to work towards an agreement.

In late September, Donald Trump mentioned a new “very good” approach to nuclear disarmament negotiations. Representatives of Pyongyang have been talking about the same thing for several months.

North Korea has repeatedly stated its unwillingness to give up unilaterally its nuclear weapons. Pyongyang prefers a phased approach, which implies that the US will ease sanctions and provide security guarantees to North Korea.

Until recently, most White House officials insisted that the US was not interested in a phased approach and that North Korea should give up nuclear weapons entirely before sanctions were lifted.

The talks come days after North Korea reported testing a new ballistic missile that was launched from a submarine.

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