Putin wrote an article about World War II

Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote an article about World War II for the American magazine National Interest.

The article is entitled “Actual lessons from the 75th anniversary of World War II”.

“The Russian President offers a comprehensive assessment of the Second world war, stating that today European politicians — and especially Polish leaders — are trying to “sweep under the carpet” the fact of the Munich cooperation,” the editorial Board of the magazine notes.

Cause of war

In the article, Putin draws attention to the fact that the Second World War could have been prevented. He recalled that one of the main results of the First World War was the creation of the League of Nations.

“Great hopes were placed on this international organization to ensure sustainable peace and collective security. This was a progressive idea that could have prevented a repeat of the horrors of global war if it had been followed,” Putin wrote. The quotation is given in translation from English.

“However, the League of Nations, which was dominated by the victorious powers of France and the United Kingdom, proved ineffective, and it simply got bogged down in aimless discussions. The League of Nations and the European continent as a whole ignored repeated calls by the Soviet Union to establish a just system of collective security and to sign the Pact on Eastern Europe and the Pacific Treaty on the prevention of aggression. These proposals were ignored,” the President added.

“I would like to remind you of an obvious fact once again. The root causes of the Second World War are mainly related to decisions made after the First World War. The Treaty of Versailles became a symbol of serious injustice to Germany. He implied that the country could be robbed by making it pay huge reparations to Western allies, which were draining its economy. French Marshal Ferdinand Foch, who was the Supreme Commander of the allies, gave a prophetic description of this Treaty: “This is not peace. This is a truce for twenty years,” Putin writes.

The President stressed that national humiliation had become a fertile ground for radical sentiments of retribution in Germany.

“The Nazis skillfully played on the emotions of people and built their propaganda, promising to free Germany from the” Versailles legacy” and return the country to its former power pushing the Germans to war. Paradoxically, the Western States, especially the United Kingdom and the United States, have directly or indirectly contributed to this. Their financial and industrial enterprises actively invested in German factories and factories that produce military products. Also, many members of the aristocracy and political establishment supported radical, far-right and nationalist movements that expanded both in Germany and Europe,” the article says.

Munich agreement

Putin also accused several European politicians, in particular Polish ones, of trying to conceal information about the Munich agreement on the partition of Czechoslovakia, which was concluded in the run-up to World War II. He wondered why this was happening.

“The fact that their countries once violated their obligations and supported the Munich agreement, and some of them even participated in the partition — is not the only reason. Another reason is that it is a shame to remember that in those dramatic days of 1938, the Soviet Union was the only one who stood up for Czechoslovakia,” the President wrote.

He noted that in addition to Hitler and Mussolini, British and French leaders participated in the Munich conspiracy. Also, the partition of Czechoslovakia took place with the full approval of the League of Nations.
“In this regard, I would like to note that, unlike many other European leaders of that time, Stalin did not tarnish himself by meeting with Hitler, who was known in Western countries as a very authoritative politician and was a welcome guest in European capitals,” Putin writes.

Nuclear five

The UN nuclear five leaders ‘ summit will help find answers to modern challenges and threats, the President writes. He expressed the hope that such a meeting would take place as soon as possible.

“Our colleagues, Mr. XI Jinping, Mr. Macron, Mr. Trump, Mr. Johnson supported the Russian initiative to hold a meeting of the leaders of the five nuclear powers — permanent members of the Security Council (UN),” Putin said in the article.

According to the head of state, the countries of the “nuclear five” should trust each other for successful negotiations and strengthening security in the world.

“A special item on the meeting’s agenda is the situation in the global economy. And above all, overcoming the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic,” he wrote.

According to Putin, countries are taking unprecedented measures to protect people’s health and lives.
“Our ability to work together and in concert as true partners will show how serious the consequences of the pandemic will be and how quickly the world economy can come out of recession,” the President wrote.
He noted that it is unacceptable to turn the economy into an instrument of pressure and confrontation.

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