Putin will make an address on coronavirus

President Vladimir Putin has planned a “big speech” at a meeting with the government and regional heads, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

“This is true. But I will not announce anything, let’s wait for this meeting,” he said.

“We will talk about equipping the regions with beds, generally preparing the medical infrastructure following previously formulated and set goals, and assessing the situation and prospects for the short — term period,” Peskov said.

Earlier, some politicians did not rule out that at the meeting, Putin may make a statement about the need to extend the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Many experts have also already stated that the current self-isolation regime in Russia should be continued until May 12, and the exit from it should be gradual.

All of April is declared non-working in Russia. The authorities urge citizens not to leave their homes unless necessary, to observe hygiene rules, and if they go outside, to keep at least a meter and a half away from other people.

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