Putin told an NBC reporter that he was interrupting him

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during an interview with NBC, told journalist Keir Simmons that he “shuts his mouth” when he does not like the answers of the head of the Russian state. The transcript of the conversation is published on the Kremlin’s website.

In the course of the interview, in particular, they talked about the fact that in Russia some representatives of the opposition and journalists are assigned the status of foreign agents. In turn, Putin recalled that the law on foreign agents was adopted in the United States back in the 30s; it is much more stringent than that of Russia.

“But, Mr. President, it’s just that in America we call what you are doing now, “look at yourself” ‒ that’s what they say in America. I will ask a direct question, a frank one,” the NBC journalist said.

“Let me answer, you asked me a question. You don’t like my answer, and you interrupt me right away. This is incorrect,” the head of the Russian state asked him.

As Simmons said in turn, he thought that Putin believes that countries should not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and should not comment on politics, and the head of the Russian state, in his opinion, does just that.

“No. If you will be patient and let me say what I want to say to the end, everything will be clear to you. But you don’t like my answer, you don’t want your audience to hear my answer, that’s the problem. You’re shutting me up. Is this freedom of expression? Or is it American-style freedom of expression?” Putin reacted.

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2 thoughts on “Putin told an NBC reporter that he was interrupting him”

  1. This journalist is extremely impolite. All the time interrupting President W.Putin.
    He doesn’t like the answer so he interrupts. Not very honest. Hope he gets kicked out of his job.

  2. How is interrupting Putin not being honest? Do you have any idea how many people he has had murdered? The man is without conscience, and simply a slicker version of Stalin.


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