Putin: the US Withdrawal from the Treaty on medium-and short-range missiles will not remain unanswered

The President said that Russia then said that it would take retaliatory measures. “That was done. Now Russia has hypersonic weapons capable of overcoming any missile defense system, ” Putin said.

Therefore, the possible us withdrawal from the Treaty on medium-and short-range missiles will not remain unanswered by Russia, he added. At the same time, Russia is ready to “engage in dialogue with American partners on this key issue.” “We hope that common sense and mutual responsibility will form the basis of a long — overdue dialogue on strategic stability and strengthening the system of collective security,” the Russian President said.

The United States and the USSR signed the Treaty on the limitation of missile defense systems in 1972. According to its provisions, the parties committed to refuse the creation, testing and deployment of missile defense SYSTEMS of sea, air, space or mobile-ground-based to combat ballistic missiles. According to the agreement, the parties could not have more than one missile defense system. As a result, the USSR placed it around Moscow, and the USA — around the Grand Forks base in North Dakota. Its validity was unlimited, but the terms stated that the agreement could be terminated at any time. In 2001, Washington announced its withdrawal from the Treaty. Six months before the termination of the agreement, Washington notified Russia. In 2002 Treaty lost its force.

Russia has repeatedly criticized the United States for the termination of the contract. In particular, in 2015, foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pointed out that the US withdrawal from agreement of missile defense has become a destabilizing factor of global importance. According to him, it “provokes arms build-up and returns <…> to the logic of mutual assured destruction”.

President Vladimir Putin announced the creation of the hypersonic system ”Avangard” in Russia on March 1 during his annual address to the Federal Assembly. The head of state assured that this system is capable of carrying out hypersonic flights in the dense layers of the atmosphere at Intercontinental range. In addition, a feature of the “Avangard” is its ability to maneuver and deviate from the flight path to thousands of kilometers.

Author: Flyn Braun
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