Psaki: US authorities will not require Americans to have vaccination passports

Such an initiative is being put forward by American private business.

The US administration does not intend to introduce coronavirus vaccination passports in the country. This assurance was made on Tuesday at a regular briefing for journalists by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

“The government will not support a system that requires Americans to carry identification cards, either now or in the future. [In the US] there will be no federal vaccination database, no federal mandate requiring everyone to get a single-sample vaccination certificate,” said a spokeswoman for President Joe Biden.

She claimed that the initiative to prepare such passports is put forward by American private business. “The private and non-profit sectors consider these tools, and our interest in the federal government is very simple. It is about protecting the rights and privacy of Americans so that these systems are not used unfairly against citizens,” Psaki said. According her, “there is a movement in the private sector aimed at finding ways to safely return to events with a large crowd of people<…>”.

“That’s where the idea came from. And we expect that there it will be brought to completion,” said the representative of the White House.

According to her information, the federal authorities “will soon prepare reference materials that will look like answers to frequently asked questions” about the idea of introducing vaccination passports for the new coronavirus disease COVID-19 in the United States.

Author: Steve Cowan
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