Protests over the death of African-American George Floyd spread to Europe

In the US, there have been ongoing demonstrations against police brutality, caused by the death during the arrest of George W. Floyd. A petition to punish those responsible for the end of an African-American man posted on the site collected a record of 15 million signatures. Meanwhile, the protest was picked up in many countries around the world. Protest actions in Europe have become especially numerous.

In France, last Tuesday, the most mass demonstration in recent times took place. The authorities did not agree to hold it due to quarantine restrictions on such events, but several tens of thousands of people still took to the streets of Paris.

Demonstrators gathered to honor the memory of Adam Traor, a black man who died four years ago in the circumstances similar to the death of American George Floyd. During the rally, there were clashes between protesters and the police.

There were also numerous protests in London.
Mass actions were also held in major cities and capitals of the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Greece, and Turkey.

Author: Steve Cowan
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