Protests in Paris: police used tear gas, more than 500 detainees

In Paris on December 8, hundreds of citizens again took part in the protests of “yellow vests”. This is the fourth weekend when protests are held in France. Police used tear gas against protesters in the Champs Elysees.

Protests in Paris: police used tear gas, more than 500 detainees

Russian service BBC reported that about 5 thousand protesters gathered on the Champs Elysees, where they tried to organize a protest march. Participants of march were stopped by police cordons.

A large group of protesters aggressively acted against police officers who blocked two side streets leading to the area of the Elysee Palace, reports TASS correspondent from the scene. The demonstrators knocked down a lattice fence installed by the police. After that, the police used tear gas.

According to the authorities at 12.00, about 31 thousand people went to protests in the country, 8 of whom-in Paris.
French Prime Minister Edward Philippe after a meeting with interior Minister Christoph Kasnar spoke on television from the interior Ministry building. He reported about detentions and arrests. Later, the police reported about 554 detainees, 335 people were placed in custody , reports BFM TV. Detentions were carried out even before the action.

Protests in Paris: police used tear gas, more than 500 detainees

In addition, 70 people were arrested in Brussels. There are cordoned off buildings of the “European quarter”.
Recall protests caused by rising fuel prices began in different regions of France on November 17. Demonstrations turn into mass riots. During the protests over the past three weeks 4 people were killed.

French authorities in early December made concessions and officially imposed a moratorium on the rise in prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. Later it became known that the fuel tax in France will not increase throughout 2019.
On the eve of the French government said that the radicals want to overthrow the government with the help of “yellow vests”. On the streets of Paris on Saturday morning were withdrawn armored vehicles, eight thousand law enforcement officers. There were also closed many stores, museums, cancelled events, changed routes of movement of public transport, some of subway station.

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