Protesters interrupted Biden’s speech in Georgia

Protesters interrupted a speech by US President Joe Biden in Georgia with calls to close private prison facilities, Newsweek reports.

Biden spoke to supporters on the hundredth day of his presidency and spoke about his achievements and plans for the future.

Shortly after he began speaking, protesters began shouting: “Stop the detentions immediately!” and “Eliminate the immigration and customs police!” The president tried to continue his speech, but the shouting did not stop.

“I agree with you. I’m working on it. Give me five more days,” Biden responded.

He explained to the audience that the protesters are against private prisons.

“Private prisons should not exist, period. Nothing, period. They talk about it, about private detention centers. They should not exist, and we are working to close them all <…> I promise you,” the president said and continued his speech. Almost immediately after coming to power, Biden signed an executive order ordering the Attorney General not to renew contracts with private prisons, which, in his words, are “less humane and less safe” than state prisons.

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