Protesters in Montreal demolished a monument to the first Prime Minister of Canada

A group of activists demolished a monument to the first Prime Minister of Canada, John Alexander Macdonald, in Montreal during a protest in support of the withdrawal of police funding, reports local TV channel CBC.

According to the TV channel, several people climbed on the monument, tied ropes to the monument, and pulled it down. As a result of the fall, the statue of Macdonald lost its head. However, the publication notes that the protest itself was peaceful, and other demonstrators were surprised by the demolition of the monument.

According to a leaflet received by the TV channel, the incident is explained by the fact that more than 46 thousand people signed an online petition calling on the mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plante, to dismantle the monument. However, the authorities did not take any action.

“John A. Macdonald was a white supremacist… led the genocide of indigenous peoples, creating a brutal system of boarding schools, as well as promoting other measures that affected indigenous peoples and their traditions,” the leaflet says.

Later, the mayor of the city and the Premier of the province condemned the demolition of the monument.