Pros and Cons for betting on eSports

If you look at the eSports industry right now and compare it to what it was like ten years ago, you will see that it’s grown massively. Consequently, there are many more people who like playing, watching, and even betting on eSports.

Luckily, every big name in the betting industry has included at least a few eSports in its portfolio. Naturally, some operators have way more options than others, so if this is something that you really want to bet on, you need to do thorough research.

Before you do that, we’d like to point out a few pros and cons that every potential eSports bettor should be familiar with.


There are many reasons why you’d like to bet on eSports. Most people do it because they really like the different eSports titles, and they even play them from time to time. Apart from being amazing to watch, eSports can potentially be profitable, as long as you have a good understanding of the given game.

You can even apply the promo codes from these bookmakers and receive bonus funds, which you can use on your favorite eSport. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Dota 2, Overwatch, CoD, FIFA, or something else because all of them have decent odds.

Another reason why some people like to bet on eSports is that they can access unique features. Some of the leading bookmakers have special betting options that only apply to the eSports sections.

It’s also worth noting that the different eSports titles are getting more popular every single day. Thus, many bookmakers will probably come up with new bonuses and options just for them. 


As much as we like eSports, there are some things that every bettor needs to keep in mind. Before you decide to wager on a given eSport, make sure you learn more information about the tournament that’s currently being held.

Similar to other sports, some of the lower-tier events have fixed matches. Needless to say, this is not something that you want to deal with, especially if you plan to wager a lot of money.

In addition to what we’ve mentioned, some people also don’t like eSports because they are just too dynamic. If you haven’t played these games and have no idea how they work, it could be tough to understand what’s happening. This will have a negative effect on your overall betting success because you won’t be able to predict when certain events might occur.

So, should you bet on eSports?

Yes, you definitely should give those incredible games a chance. If you want to become a successful eSports bettor, you have to read some information about the titles that you’re interested in.

There are loads of reliable sources of info out there, so you just have to search for them. There are even websites where you can watch live eSport matches, which will give you an even better idea of the game and how it works.  

Don’t forget that you can also play every eSport, which is undoubtedly the best and the quickest way of learning everything about it.

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