Programmable quantum computer from China turned out to be more powerful than Google processor

Chinese scientists have developed the Zuchongzhi programmable quantum computer based on superconducting qubits. Today it claims to be the most productive in the world.

A programmable quantum computer based on superconducting qubits, created in China, is considered the fastest in the world today. Zuchongzhi completed the task in just an hour. Conventional computers take eight years to solve a similar problem.

Scientists have published the results of their work in the arXiv repository.

Zuchongzhi is a 2D programmable superconducting quantum processor. The developers provide that it can combine up to 66 qubits, but to demonstrate the capabilities of a quantum system, scientists limited themselves to 56 qubits. The computer was tasked with simulating random quantum circuits. How quickly a task is completed depends on the number of qubits. The more of them, the better the computer will cope.

The Zuchongzhi quantum system simulated random quantum chains in 1.2 hours. An ordinary supercomputer, even the most powerful one, will take at least eight years to compute a huge number of options. Zuchongzhi demonstrates an obvious quantum superiority that opens up incredible prospects for us.

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Earlier in 2019, Google announced it had achieved quantum supremacy with the Sycamore processor. There are 54 qubits in it. The problem that the Chinese Zuchongzhi was solving is almost 100 times more difficult than the one that was presented to the quantum processor Google.

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