Priyanka Chopra gets revenge on Kate Middleton for insulting Meghan Markle

The model defiantly expressed her attitude towards Kate and William.

Famous Indian model Priyanka Chopra revenged Kate Middleton for conflicts with Meghan Markle. Even before Markle, taking his son Archie, together with Prince Harry left for America, Megan was persecuted by Kate. She told Oprah Winfrey that Kate repeatedly brought her to tears, forcing her to be constantly under stress.

In addition, both Megan and her son Archie were repeatedly persecuted for their skin color. This, according to preliminary information, was the reason that Archie did not receive the title of prince.

Priyanka Chopra, known for her fight against any manifestation of racism, found it normal to be disrespectful towards Kate and William. The model refused to applaud the appearance of Kate and William at the Wimbledon tournament. At this moment, the celebrity was straightening her scarf, reports Insider.

On the web, Chopra’s behavior has already been called revenge. Some of the star’s behavior was approved, while others, on the contrary, condemned.

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3 thoughts on “Priyanka Chopra gets revenge on Kate Middleton for insulting Meghan Markle”

  1. Well, well, just like her good little buddy Megsy, isn’t Priyanka just “extra special”??
    All of those D -List actresses think they are. Hate to break it to you, Pri, but there’s nothing about you or H’s wife that could ever begin to compare to the true beauty, class, charm and loving heart and soul of Duchess Catherine. The two of you will never be nothing more than D-List actresses and yacht girl(s).

    • Totally agree, Kate is a Lady in the True sense of the word. Meghan is just shown her true self by NOT taking tve high road, I’m sure there were tears on both sides.
      Megan is just proving the spoiled brat she is!! She doesn’t fool anyone that she BEVER HEARD OF PRINCE HARRY since their first meeting! What a big fib that is….just wanted to get her claws on him.

      Watch out Harry she will soon lose interest in you once she makes her bundle of $$ and fame.

      I was really rooting for both of you in the being. Wishing it could be a Fabulous Fairy tale….but Harry you lowered your standards when you abandoned your family while your grandmother was worried about your grandfather…you are a loser when it comes to family roots!!!

      • I whole heartedly agree with you, she is just trying to show everyone she is the queen, she is calling the shots, Harry is pussy whooped, it’s a shame he let Megan get away with this, Kate is on top, she has more class than Megan ever thought about, Harry take those babies & go back to your family that cares more for you than that witch ever will, she is using you to get money, money, money


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