Princess Diana’s spirit tortured Kristen Stewart after starring in “Spencer”

Kristen Stewart, who portrays Princess Diana, is tormented by memories of Harry and William’s mother.

The actress spoke about this frankly in a recent interview for foreign journalists. After “Spencer” was released, Stewart was harshly criticized – many imputed to the actress that she practically did not look like Diana in appearance.

Moreover, Stewart is not British, which was fundamentally important for fans of the royal family.

Later, the excitement around the project subsided, but not the pain in the soul of Kristen Stewart herself. The “Twilight” star confessed: this role does not let her go to this day, continuing to influence her personal life.

“Before, I didn’t think about her because I didn’t live in England. I was very far from all this. And now I can’t stop thinking about her, and I often wonder what she thinks about what is happening in the world, ”quotes the actress JustJared.

In addition, Stewart noted: she did everything to assimilate as much information as possible about Princess Diana in order to most reliably bring her image to life.

“I watched everything and more. Sometimes I even fell asleep in the image of Diana, ”the actress stated.

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