Prince William insulted Meghan Markle after the funeral

Too many harsh and unpleasant things were said for the brothers to end the enmity.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship has remained chilly, to put it mildly, despite rumors of a reconciliation. The royal family really hoped that the brothers would be brought together by a common loss when Prince Philip died in April at the age of 99, but this did not happen.

Kate Middleton hoped to reconcile the brothers, leaving them alone after their grandfather’s funeral. However, the sons of Princess Diana began to quarrel just a few minutes later. As it became known from an insider, after the funeral, Prince William, in a conversation with friends, spoke unflatteringly about Meghan Markle.

“Look how this damn woman interacted with the palace staff! Mercilessly!” – quoted the prince by the Daily Mail.

The insider remembered other epithets with which the courtiers described Markle. She has been called the person looking for “constant PR” and the “500 percent nightmare.”

While Prince William fiercely defends the interests of the monarchy, Harry is extremely sensitive to all attacks on his wife. In the courtyard, they did not accept her even when the couple lived in Great Britain.

Not surprisingly, after moving to Los Angeles and a scandalous interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Megan literally hated.

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14 thoughts on “Prince William insulted Meghan Markle after the funeral”

  1. Totally correct Harry picked a viscous snake . Now he must cage her and live w her why punish whole Royal Family. Megan was same night having drinks with Piers Morgan at a whole in wall . Left to a second party tipsy met Harry Love blossom from encounter with drunk snake what good could of come out of that Nothing !!!!!!

      • William and kate are both two great great people I am so glad that they are the two that stayed because they care about their Country and their people not just money and fame like some people that we knoe

    • William is going STRICTLY on here say~he wasn’t there when these SUPPOSED verbal attacks took place AND he shouldn’t have said anything. If I were Harry, I would be hurt and furious as well!!

      • Well apparently the queen was there for at least one event with MM and a chef. The queen told MM “we don’t speak to people that way.”

        • It is terrible if someone says something she doesnt like but i guess it is fine to put down the help! Some people just dont get it

      • Let’s see……who would one believe:
        1. Approximately one dozen palace staff members most of whom had been serving the RF many years without accusations of anyone else bullying or verbally abusing them.
        2. William who has a sterling and truthful reputation over the course of his life.
        3. Harry who has a admitted reputation of excessive drinking and partying, public nudity, doing drugs, states he is mentally ill and that he was abused by his father…..the same father of William, has gone on TV interviews and told proven lies and thrown his own family under the proverbial bus showing a total disregard for his life of wealth, privilege and LOVE, to name a few of the reasons Harry is a shameful disgrace to his family and his country and why anything that comes from his mouth should be
        disregarded. Harry also was not intelligent enough to know better than to let the likes of this floozy get her hooks into him. MM not only has the morals of a alley cat, she is a devious, conniving, backstabbing, lying, narsacist and woke Hollywierdo! She and Harry don’t have enough class between them to be allowed in a palace as guests!

      • You are right but the British people did not give Meagan a chance. I think everyone needs a chance but the British do not live by that rule. I think it is best if Harry and Meagan stay close with the Queen but leave the rest of the family alone because they will never except Meagan because she is American.

      • The staffer of the PM in Australia who MM scalded with a pot of hot tea was done “in front of many witnesses”. When the PM’s wife exclaimed “We don’t treat our staff in such a manner”. Meghan replied “Don’t you know who the f**k I am”!! Well, yes they did, and they placed an immediate call to the Queen and told her what the whore had done. The Queen apologized profusely and ended up paying the staffer $250,000 for injuries and suffering. Then she ordered them back to England immediately, cutting there trip short.

  2. Fact is Prince Harry is the spare, not the heir. He doesnt want to be in the Royal spotlight as the younger brother and lesser royal? Fine let him find his own way by not giving him media time except maybe to report that hes well..or not, and since meghan by her own mouth is mentally fragile leave her to fade into obscurity… they have chosen their path and are irrelevent.

  3. I have always had a soft spot for Prince Harry. He has always been a gentle soul. Instead of condemning and judging where is the love. Marrying Megan may not of been his best decision. It’s my opinion that if she truly loved him and accepted his world she wouldn’t have taken him away from his family.


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