Prince William fears the revenge of Prince Harry

The Duke of Cambridge William, who has stopped communicating with Harry, is afraid of new revelations from his younger brother. The journalists were told about this in the palace.

After Harry gave two sensational interviews to Oprah Winfrey at once, a lot of negativity poured out on him. The Duke of Sussex was accused of psychological problems, commercialism and prudence, and was also advised to change his mind and repent before it was too late.

Harry himself, apparently, does not intend to give up. William, the eldest grandson of Elizabeth, does not doubt this, and he is sure that the scandalous relative will not stop and completely destroy the relationship with the family, and at the same time the royal reputation.

“Under the pretext of the importance of mental health, he wants to shame him. Prince Harry accused his brother of leaving him alone to suffer after the death of his mother, Princess Diana. But he really worries about him. He is ashamed that he did not notice this before, “- quotes the source of the Daily Mail.

In addition, William categorically stated: Harry almost completely lost all reference points.

“He went too far with his truth,” an insider reports William.

In turn, those closely observing the life of the royal family are sure: William and the others “probably have something to hide”, because if Harry’s words were not true, there would be nothing to fear.

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6 thoughts on “Prince William fears the revenge of Prince Harry”

  1. Good for Harry for exposure of the royal family. It’s about time the truth came out about them. Harry stand your ground. Shame on you William for not standing by your Brother. It proves who is more important to you. The royal family treated your mom terrible and u stand by them. Shame on you

  2. William was a kid to blame his father for not helping both boys thru it. William only knows the royal way so does Harry he sure didn’t mind it before meghan God bless your to boys and kids


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