Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark marries billionaire’s daughter Nina Flor

34-year-old Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark and his beloved Nina Flor tied the knot. The ceremony took place in the Swiss city of St. Moritz. The place was chosen for a reason: St. Moritz is the hometown of Philip’s beloved.

At the wedding of the couple, in addition to the newlyweds themselves, only their fathers were present – King Constantine from the groom’s side and Thomas Flor from the bride’s side. Due to the coronavirus, the lovers had to limit the guest list to a minimum, however, it is expected that, in addition to the civil ceremony, they will also arrange a religious one, but somewhat later.

The engagement of Nina and Philip, who have been together for more than two years, was announced on September 1. The prince made an offer to his beloved earlier this summer during their vacation on the Greek island of Ithaca.

Prince Philip is the youngest son of King Constantine II and his wife Anna Maria of Denmark (they also have two daughters and two more sons). He lives in New York and works as a hedge fund analyst. His newly minted wife comes from a very wealthy family. Nina’s father is a Swiss billionaire who owns the charter company Vista Jet. She herself worked as the company’s creative director and also founded a non-profit marine research centre in 2017.

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