Prince Louis of Luxembourg marries for the second time

34-year-old Prince of Luxembourg Louis is preparing to get married for the second time. The Royal Palace of Luxembourg announced this on its official Instagram.

We are delighted to announce the engagement of our son Prince Louis to Mademoiselle Scarlett-Lauren Sigue. Princes Gabriel and Noah join in our congratulations. We wish them great happiness, the message says.

Prince Louis is one of five children of the Duke of Luxembourg Henri and his wife, Marie-Teresa. Louis does not claim the royal throne – he voluntarily renounced the right to it several years ago.

Marriage for Louis will be the second. In 2006, he married Sergeant Tessie Anthony, the only woman in the Luxembourgish military contingent. In the marriage, the couple had two sons: in 2006, their son Gabriel was born, and a year later, their second son, Noah, was born. In early 2017, Louis and Tessie divorced. The official reason for the divorce was never named.

Nothing is known about the new lover Louis.

After the divorce from Louis, his ex-wife also found happiness in her personal life. Now Tessie is going to marry her lover, businessman Frank Flossel, and together with him is preparing for her third child’s birth.

Author: Sam Smith
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