Prince Harry’s uncle reacted unexpectedly to nephew’s revelations

The Duke of Wessex and also Prince Harry’s uncle, Prince Edward, gave an unexpected reaction to his nephew’s revelations. After all the main parties to the conflict rushed to speak, the journalists headed straight to the other members of the royal family.

The press was interested in what Edward and his wife, Sophie, think about Harry’s ambiguous revelations. As it turned out, the Dukes of Wessex did not attach much importance to the hype around Harry’s statements and are in no hurry to revise what was said. When asked about Oprah Winfrey, both Edward and Sophie smile and assure them that they are not particularly interested in what everyone else has seen on TV.

But the monarchs have a very specific position in relation to Harry as a person. This position is fundamentally different from the opinion of the majority.

“We are still a family, no matter what happens, we will always be it,” Sophie quotes EOnline.

In addition, the dukes admitted that with the departure of Harry and Megan, their work increased personally, but neither Edward nor Sophie see anything critical in this. The couple are sure that time will pass and the excitement around Harry and Megan will subside.

“Naturally, the media are looking for people to fill the so-called void. It is unlikely that all this will be quite long,” they stated.

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