Prince Harry is afraid to fly to London

The Duke of Sussex can easily miss the event dedicated to his mother, Princess Diana.

On July 1, the opening of the memorial dedicated to Princess Diana will take place. It was on this day that Lady Di could have turned 60 years old. Prince William and Prince Harry should be the main guests at the unveiling of the monument, but the latter may ignore the important date.

Earlier it was rumored that Meghan Markle would also fly to London, but she chose to stay at home in California with her newborn daughter Lilibet Diana.

Duncan Larcombe, writer, and royal expert, is confident that Harry can do the same. And it’s not even about the daughter.

“No one could criticize Megan for her decision, although I’m sure people will do it. Now there is no certainty that Prince Harry himself will come,” said Larcombe.

“He recently said that London was a trigger for him. He admitted that he had only bad memories of Britain. I believe that in this way he prepared the public for the pain of visiting the place where his mother is buried.

He also recently announced his parental leave, which is why he seems to have so many reasons to stay in Los Angeles with little Lily and Megan,” the expert added.

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17 thoughts on “Prince Harry is afraid to fly to London”

      • Wow! How easily we throw stones! Were you or your parents hounded and chased to your deaths by paparazzi? I doubt it…He could easily medicate himself into a stupor and take the flight, only to be ridiculed by the press and heartless bastards like yourself.

    • Absolutely. This guy needs to stop being a crybaby. I’ve never heard a grown man whine so much. Besides I thought everything was a trigger for him.

  1. I just get the feeling he knows he has “egg on his face” and he is doubling down to try and save it. It’s a runny mess!

  2. ALL YOU MEAN NEGATIVE PEOPLE !! Thank gawd Harry finally got out after years of not likeing the Royal Life Style..He was born into it and he couldnt walk out on the Street with out Clicks of the Camera’s. You bet him Mum died from the Clicks of those Camera’s.. Leave Harry and Meghan alone and look at your own life style ok. Unless you lived in Harry’s Shoe’s (Shut your big mouth’s)

  3. I think we in the states are making saints of them, live and let live , why are they in the news and every paper and magazine every day? Because that’s what drama queen Megan wants, watch your self Harry some day you will be gone too and then what. you will be a man without a country!!!!!

    • It’s not because that is what Megan wants. It’s because that sells to all those who claim they hate her. If it didn’t make big dollars for the publication, they would ignore Megan.

  4. Absolutely right Kate Olsen! People need to mind their own frickin business. None of you People even have any idea what it’s like to be a royal, all the stress that you must go through. Make sure your own lives are in order before you go pointing the finger. Better yet, don’t ever point the finger and criticize others!

    • Correctly stated. Unfortunately, the Royal life is all about appearances. It is tit-for-tat all day long. Live and let live is a good motto. STFU those who criticize and stir the pot.

  5. I agree leave them alone to live a good life with their beautiful new family and stop saying things about them that you don’t really know. He suffered enough now let him be happy and enjoy a new life with his family. ❤️


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