Prince Harry has a new reason to return to Britain

The Duke of Sussex has already visited London twice, but now there is a more serious reason.

Prince Harry, who escaped from England, has a new reason to return to his homeland. Recently, Sussex has twice visited London – at the opening of the monument to his mother and at the funeral of his grandfather, but he invariably returned to his wife, never making peace with his grandmother and other relatives.

Now they say in the press that Harry, who intends to release the scandalous memoirs, has found an excuse to return to England for the third time. Money helped motivate the Duke again: BetterUP, a company that helps people with mental health problems, plans to provide its services in the UK capital. And since Prince Harry is one of the project’s employees, he will need to visit his homeland.

The organization’s chief executive, Alexi Robicho, told People that the Duke of Sussex has provided some helpful ideas and tips that can help expand the business.

Harry joined BetterUp back in March. At the same time, he announced that he hoped to have a beneficial effect on people’s lives. Elizabeth II’s grandson also spoke openly about his own mental health problems and how company resources helped him cope with them.

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7 thoughts on “Prince Harry has a new reason to return to Britain”

  1. Harry is petty and selfish. Did he just realize and talk about it after marriage. It would seem that is where his breakdown started. His mother would be so upset. But really maybe he needs to be in a straight jacket. He sure seems to be creating a lot of pain and suffering for his family. Especially William! Harry get a divorce and take your career wife to California, take your children and go home to real family who really love you. You have been had by the worst.

  2. Harry wake up smell the roses your family has supported you and been there for you all your life. This girl your wife has walked into your life and tried to take over and destroy everything about You !!!! If you really love your husband you don’t try to destroy them or destroy their family you support them in every kind of way !!! All families have ups and downs no matter who they are or how high they are in life !!! But when somebody tries to take over your life and change every aspect about your life they are not loving you they are trying to control you !!! Meghan Markle is doing nothing but using you she’s going to use you till she cannot use you no more she’s only trying to get somewhere further than what she can do on her own !! She is a user and abuser she has a very control problem she’s going to destroy your life !!! After she uses you for everything she can and someone else comes along that she thinks can get her further she will be gone !!! Run while you have a chance before she completely ruins your life is such a shame you’re such a good person Harry you should not deserve the things that she’s putting in your head and getting you to do !!!!! Your mother would roll over in her grave if she could know that you have turned against your family like this please think deeply about what you’re doing !!! Don’t lean on my words or no one else’s get on your knees and talk to God he will lead you !!! God bless you and I pray that you get better wisdom !!!

    • Ms markel is a whole who will sell her soul to
      the highest bidder. Love has nothing to do with it. She has created a sh.t show in the royal family, with regard only to herself. She needs money and fame and since she has no talent… well, Harry has to cave to her wishes.
      Harry is weak. He needs help fast. He’s going down the wrong road.


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