Prince Harry decided to apologize to his family

After a series of offensive remarks about the royal family on the Oprah Winfrey show, Prince Harry, as they say, gave up the slack. The disgraced duke wants to restore relations with relatives.

As it became known to the Daily Mail, after the birth of his daughter, Harry sent a secret message to Kate Middleton, which he dedicated to his relationship with the newborn Lilibet Diana.

The source of the publication chose not to disclose the rest of the details of the message.

Note that the wife of Prince William is known for her ability to forgive and does not hide her desire to reconcile the brothers.

At the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip, it was Kate who tried to arrange a meeting between the brothers, but then she failed to play the role of a successful peacemaker, and angry at each other Harry and William refused to talk.

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7 thoughts on “Prince Harry decided to apologize to his family”

  1. I hope he is sincere with the apology. He has been oh poor Harry. Not once thinking that his brother lost his mother also. This has he has had the life of a rich person. Not one time has he thought how this would effect the Queen.

  2. Megan is out for the money and she wants to bring the royals down to her level. She is always up to no good. Dump her in the trash

  3. HarryAnd Megan are selfish towards their family they just care who’s feeling they hurt.I love the queen and William and Kate they are honest people.

  4. The timing is suspect. The unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue is just a couple weeks away.. it’s well known that Meghan wants a role in the event..


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